How do I join the Junior League of St. Joseph?

Those interested in joining are encouraged to fill out the Become A Member form. This will pass your information along to the Recruitment Committee. In the spring/summer, New Member Socials are held for those interested to learn more about our organization from current members. New members can join at any time. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on New Member Socials and what the JLSJ is doing in the community.


If I have a full-time job, can I still volunteer?

Certainly! Many JLSJ volunteers hold regular full-time jobs. Volunteer opportunities are available during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends to accommodate varied schedules.


What organizations benefit from the League’s volunteering?

The Junior League of St. Joseph offers numerous volunteering opportunities focused on benefiting women and children in our community. From helping at the local food bank, reading to children, or helping at local exhibits, there is a variety for members to choose from on how they want to serve. Members also spend time volunteering with League initiatives like the Pony Express Run, Cinderella’s Closet, and Hope Totes.  


I just moved to St. Joseph and am a member of the Junior League in my last town. Can I join the Junior League of St. Joseph?

Yes! You will need to work with your current League and the Vice President of Communications of the Junior League of St. Joseph to transfer your membership.


What are the typical annual dues for the Junior League of St. Joseph?

Membership is $150 for the League year which runs from September through May.


Do I have to be invited by a current member or be the daughter/daughter-in-law of a past member to be able to join?

Absolutely not! All who are interested in joining the league are encouraged to attend one of our membership socials held in the spring/summer. We also encourage reaching out to any of our current members and they would be happy to share more information.


Why should I become a member of the Junior League of St. Joseph?

Being a member of the Junior League of St. Joseph gives members a meaningful feeling of making an impact in the community, gaining leadership, educational experiences, and lasting friendships with other like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference in the St. Joseph community.