Sustaining members of the Junior League of St. Joseph are ones who have contributed six or more years of Active member status (excluding the Provisional year and years of leaves). A Sustainer has all of the privileges of membership except she may not hold office or vote on issues that come before the membership. After the minimum six years within the League, Active members may select Sustainer status. They then take what they’ve learned out into the community to continue to affect change to better the lives of women and children in our community.

To be a Sustainer, members must have been in good standing as an Active member and pay their yearly Sustainer dues. Sustainers are not required to attend meetings or perform volunteer service within the Junior League programs. For more information on paying dues, please email To update your contact information for AJLI, please email

Emeritus membership status is granted to members who have paid their yearly Sustainer dues and have reached the age of 80 years old. Upon being granted Emeritus membership, the member no longer is required to pay the required yearly dues to the Junior League. The member’s Sustaining Emeritus membership shall be reflected on the League’s membership roll, but the individual League shall have no financial obligation to the Association for such membership.