Lauren Catron is the 2019-2020 President. The President is the executive officer presiding over meetings of the League, Board of Directors and Executive Committee and is member ex-offcio of all the committees except the Nominating and Placement Committee. The President, with approval of the board, appoints other committees as needed. She, with the Treasurer, sign all contracts authorized by the Board of Directors. She oversees specified committees which will be determined on a yearly basis and supervises the activities of current projects and interest groups.

Katie McCullough is the 2019-2020 President-Elect. The President-Elect assumes the duties of the President in her absence and assists in the general supervision of the work of the League. She serves as the Parliamentarian. She annually revises the Board Manual. She oversees specified committees which will be determined on a yearly basis and supervises the activities of current projects and interest groups.

Emily Wearing is the 2019-2020 Community Vice President. The Community Vice President acts as the public relations liaison between the League and community groups. She supervises activities of current projects and interest groups. The position also oversees the communication committee. The Community Vice President position is on the Presidential track to become President in two years. 

Abigail Dennis is the 2019-2020 Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary conducts the general correspondence of the Junior League. She keeps a current classified list of names and addresses of all members and the committees to which they belong. Updates this information with AJLI as needed. In the absence of the Recording Secretary, this position steps in to help.

Brittany Hagenhoff is the 2019-2020 Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary keeps minutes of the meetings of the League, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. She maintains a file of essential records, reports and works with the Volunteer Coordinator to maintain all attendance records.

Erin Ousley is the 2019-2020 Treasurer. The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds for the League. She makes payments in accordance with the budget. Expenses not provided for in the budget shall be incurred and paid only upon order of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer keeps full and accurate accounts and presents financial statements at regular meetings of the League and Board. She makes all the deposits of the League and invests the long term investments of the League (CDs and MM accounts). She also calculates financial statements monthly with the League accountant and has the books audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant. This position signs all contracts authorized by the Board of Directors along with President.

Marietta Reynolds is the 2019-2020 Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator maintains and updates all volunteer opportunities for League members. She tracks volunteer hours by members. The position serves as contact person for volunteer opportunities that are not managed through another committee. She assists other committees in organizing volunteer assignments.

Shaina Spooner is the 2019-2020 Arrangements Chair. The Arrangements Committee is responsible for working with the President to select and reserve the meeting rooms for all general membership meetings, board meetings, new member meetings and all social events. The committee will provide electronic and/or paper invitations as needed.

Veronica Charbonnet is the 2019-2020 Public Issues Chair. The Public Issues committee coordinates the League’s stance on a public issues and shall create position statements that shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Active membership present at a membership meeting. This committee shall also coordinate the League’s annual trip to Jefferson City in participation of Advocacy Day for the Junior Leagues of Missouri.

Erica Walker is the 2019-2020 Membership Chair. The Membership Relations Committee recruits, plans and directs the education and training of New Member members, including New Member meetings and oversight of the New Member project.

Amanda Connett is the 2019-2020 Community Outreach Chair. The Community Outreach Committee explores projects and programs in which the League can make a positive impact fulfilling its mission and volunteer requirements of its members. The Community Outreach Committee also oversees the Community Assistance Funds.

Jana Campbell is the 2019-2020 Communications Chair. The Communications Committee maintains the League website and social media outlets to achieve effective communication with members, Sustainers and the public.

Laura Lawson is the 2019-2020 Education & Development Chair. The Education & Development Committee is responsible for promoting the training and development of Junior League members by scheduling speakers and/or workshops to promote such topics. The Education & Development Committee will also work closely with the Membership Relations Committee to provide training for new members. The committee also works closely with Arrangements Committee to assist them in this regard.

Breanna Sullivan is the 2019-2020 Cinderella’s Closet Chair. The committee handles the procurement of dresses and accessories along with the annual giveaways for the Military Ball and prom.

Natalie Mikita is the 2019-2020 Ways & Means Chair. Ways and Means committee coordinates the League fundraisers that appropriately fund the League mission and goals for the year. The committee also coordinates the main fundraiser for the league, Pony Express 5k & Half Marathon, in the fall.

Susanne Eichenmueller is the 2019-2020 Nominating & Placement Chair. The Nominating and Placement Committee conducts electronic fall interviews and in-person spring interviews to determine placement for the upcoming year. This committee also prepare slates of candidates for election to the various elective offices of the League and to supervise the League’s Placement Program.

Melissa Chestnut is the 2019-2020 Sustainer Representative. The Sustainer Representative acts as the liaison between the Active Members, New Members and Sustainers.