Executive Officers:

Abigail Byers is the 2022-2023 President. The President is the executive officer of the JLSJ. She presides at general membership meetings and Executive Board meetings. She is a member ex-officio of all committees. She is able to appoint other committees as needed and call special meetings of the Executive Board. She is responsible for signing all contracts authorized by the Executive Board. The Allocations Director reports to the President. Email the President at president@juniorleaguesj.com.

Stephanie Hartley is the 2022-2023 President-Elect. The President-Elect is the leader of the recruitment efforts of the JLSJ. She assumes the duties of the President in her absence. She serves as parliamentarian. She is responsible, with a committee, for the annual review and revision of all governing documents of the JLSJ including bylaws, membership requirements, and policies and procedures. The Documents Committee and Recruitment Committee report her. Email the President-Elect at president.elect@juniorleaguesj.com. 

Gretchen Curley is the 2022-2023 Vice President of Community Impact. The VP of Community Impact acts as a public relations liaison between the JLSJ and community groups. She maintains a record of opportunities and requirements and fulfillment of those requirements per member. She communicates with and organizes volunteer opportunities with agencies around the St Joseph community. The Director of Cinderella’s Closet and the Advocacy Director report to her. Email the Vice President of Community Impact at community.impact@juniorleaguesj.com.

Traci Magee is the 2022-2023 Vice President of Finance. The VP of Finance is the custodian of the funds of the JLSJ. She authorizes payments in accordance with the budget to approved co-signers. She keeps full and accurate accounts and presents financial statements at the Executive Board and regular meetings. She makes all the deposits of the JLSJ and invests the long-term investments of the JLSJ (i.e., all CDs and money market accounts). She is responsible for calculating monthly financials. She, with the President, signs all contracts authorized by the Executive Board. She serves as chairman of the finance committee. This is a two-year term. The Assistant Finance Director reports to her. Email the Vice President of Finance at finance.vp@juniorleaguesj.com.

Brittany Hagenhoff is the 2022-2023 Vice President of Communications.  Email the Vice President of Communications at communications@juniorleaguesj.com.

Samijo Mitchell is the 2022-2023 Vice President of Fundraising. Email the Vice President of Fundraising at fundraising.vp@juniorleaguesj.com.

Tona Williams is the 2022-2023 Vice President of Membership Relations. Email the Vice President of Membership Relations at member.relations@juniorleaguesj.com.

Board of Directors:

Allison Atkinson is the 2022-2023 Allocations Director. Email the Allocations Director at allocations@juniorleaguesj.com.

LaTonya Williams is the 2022-2023 Advocacy Director. Email the Advocacy Director at advocacy@juniorleaguesj.com.

Teresa Groshong is the 2022-2023 Cinderella’s Closet Director. Email the Cinderella’s Closet Director at cinderella.closet@juniorleaguesj.com.

Emily Lindsay is the 2022-2023 Assistant Finance Director. Email the Assistant Finance Director at finance.director@juniorleaguesj.com.

Annelise Puett is the 2022-2023 Public Relations Director. Email the Public Relations Director at public.relations@juniorleaguesj.com.

Terra James is the 2022-2023 Fundraising Director. Email the Fundraising Director at fundraising.director@juniorleaguesj.com.

Kristina Nicholson is the 2022-2023 Member and Sustainer Engagement Director. Email the Member and Sustainer Engagement Director at engagement@juniorleaguesj.com.

Mindy Paden is the 2022-2023 Education, Development, and Wellness Director. Email the Education, Development, and Wellness Director at education@juniorleaguesj.com.